Staying in Yurts: Is It Worth It?

Tent camping isn’t for everyone…and that’s okay! Yurts are a great option to brush fingertips with the wilderness if “glamping” is a bit more your style.

What is a Yurt?

Traditionally speaking, Yurts are a portable, circular shelter with a lattice wall that creates a space that is a cross between a tent and permanent structure. Yurts often have a skylight at the top and solid floors. Additionally, Yurts able to withstand a variety of weather from rain, snow, and harsh sun! Yurts typically do have electricity and heat – making them a great option for those who want to experience camping while staying warm and connected.

Benefits of Staying in a Yurt

Even if you are a seasoned camper, a Yurt is a great alternative when traveling somewhere with unpredictable weather, or to simply have more comforts to spend the night while camping, We’ve outlined a few of our top benefits of staying in a Yurt:

  • Bed: Okay…often this “bed” is a rubbery air mattress that isn’t one of the most comfortable of places you’ll sleep – but it is a great alternative to sleeping on the ground!
  • Heating: Most Yurts do have a heater which gives you more opportunities for comfortably camping in the winter.
  • Electricity: Another great luxury that you typically don’t get with camping. Lighting and outlets can help make the time spent indoors a bit better.
  • Convenience: Yurts are often located within State Parks that have easy parking and amenities (including showers!). If you are spending a longer period camping, you may consider a Yurt for just a night or two.
  • Privacy: Unlike tent camping, when you stay in a Yurt you will have quite a bit of privacy. Enjoy playing music, games, or having conversations without a close neighbor easily listening in. Additionally, Yurts do have locks and are secure enough to leave your belonging in throughout the day!
  • Space: Yurts are small, don’t get us wrong but they often house a bunk bed and a futon bed which can make a single Yurt easily fit a family of four. For a young family camping or a couple, Yurts have plenty of space especially compared to a tent.
  • Cost: This is a bit of a pro and a con. The cost of staying in a Yurt varies, however, it is typically much cheaper than staying in a hotel which makes it a great cost-effective option. However, compared to dispersed camping – it is more costly.

Cons of Staying in a Yurt

Alternatively, there are some reasons why Yurts are not for everyone. They are definitely closer to “tent camping” than a luxurious night in a hotel so if you are looking for a hotel experience, a Yurt may not be quite “glamping” enough for you.

  • Bedding: You will be required to bring your own pillows and bedding. This can be difficult and inconvenient if you are flying to your Yurt destination.
  • Inconsistent: We have stayed in Yurts that we’ve absolutely loved, and some that have been less than remarkable. Location makes a big difference so do your research before booking a Yurt!
  • Cleaning: You will be responsible for cleaning your Yurt when you leave, which means the state of the Yurt depends on the people before you. Again, it’s cleaner than staying in a tent, but definitely not up to hotel standards.
  • Cost: If you are used to dispersed camping then you are used to free camping. Yurts are cost-effective compared to a hotel but at $50-100 a night it is definitely a step up from free camping.

So, is Staying in a Yurt Actually Worth it?

We say, go for it. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or to add a little excitement to your next vacation, spending a night or two in a Yurt can be a great adventure.

Our favorite Yurt we’ve ever stayed in was at Cape Lookout State Park in Oregon. These yurts are tucked within huge trees near the ocean so you get amazing views and privacy. Additionally, they are central to many popular destinations like Cannon Beach. If you ever give them a visit, let us know!