Best Gift Ideas for Van Dwellers

While living in a van or RV is different for everyone, one thing is certain: space is limited. There is no room for clutter or unnecessary items. As you shop for a van-lifer this holiday season, check out our list of the best gifts for small space living.

For the Adventure Seekers

Six Flags Season Pass | Cost: $80+

With over 20 locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, a Six Flags Season Pass is a unique gift for van-lifers, regardless of where their current adventures are. The Gold, Platinum, and Diamond membership all offer access to all outdoor parks in North America, while both the Platinum and Diamond memberships offer free preferred parking (another bonus for van living!).

AirBnb Gift Card | Cost: $25+

Let’s face it – no matter how much you adore van life sometimes you need to ditch the van for a night or two to have space, a long hot shower, and a fully equipped kitchen (looking at you, dishwasher). An AirBnB gift card is a great option since it can be used anywhere, anytime – flexibility than van-lifers need.

For the Home Body

Kindle | Cost $90

If the van-lifer in your life doesn’t already have a Kindle, then look no further for a gift idea. A Kindle takes up less space than one book which makes this an actual space saving gift that can provide endless entertainment.

Homesick Candle | Cost $34

Living in a van has a lot of benefits – one of them being the ability to visit a variety of places. However, with constant travel comes constant missing of places that feel like home. A Homesick candle is a great meaningful van addition and is a personalized gift full of love.

Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap | Cost $18

Perhaps not the most exciting gift on our list, but absolutely a useful one! Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap doesn’t get the attention it deserves, considering it takes up hardly any space, reduces waste, and helps keep your food good longer. When it comes to van living, it’s all about practicality!

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Eno Hammock | Cost $50+

Eno Hammocks have been popular gifts for outdoor enthusiasts for years. However, they also make an excellent for those living in a van. Enos are space saving hammocks that help you maximize your outdoor space — a perfect combination for van dwelling. Don’t forget to add on the Eno Hammock Straps (cost: $30)!

Purifying Water Bottle | Cost $90

While we wouldn’t exactly call this water bottle a necessity, it is a great gift for those constantly on the go. This water bottle actually purifies the water from all pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and protozoa) which means you can fill it with any water source on the go (yes, including a stream or public bathroom sink…).

America the Beautiful Park Pass | Cost: $80

This park pass allows free entry into every national park in the United States (more than 130 parks, including Yosemite and Yellowstone). After just 3-4 visits to national parks, the park pass will pay for itself, making it typically a no-brainer for van dwellers. The pass lasts for an entire year so this membership can become your yearly gift!

Shopping for an outdoor enthusiast with a little more space? Check out our list of camping must haves for gift inspiration!

For those Who Have It All

Harvest Host Membership | Cost: $80

Harvest Host offers one-of-a-kind van camping utilizing wineries, farms, breweries, and more as hosts. The process is simple. With a yearly membership you can stay at any of the over 1,400 locations as long as you support the host you’re staying at.

…and when you just can’t think of anything else, don’t forget about the classic gift card. Gift cards to nationwide retailers like Target, Walmart, or REI are great options for the van-lifer who already has it all.

What great gifts have you gotten the van-lifer on your list? We’re always looking for gift for small spaces ideas!