5 Best Van-Lifers to Follow on YouTube

Whether you are planning on converting a van yourself, or are dabbling with whether van life is right for you, then YouTube will be the place to start. There are hundreds (or thousands?) of van-related channels on YouTube but let us be the first to say – not all are equal.

If you are converting your own van, you’ll want to make sure you are following individuals who are experienced and are working on the same type of van as you are. Remember, don’t trust everything you see on the internet. However, we’ve hand selected 5 of our favorite van-life YouTubers that you can rely on.

1. Tío Aventura

One of our favorite couples to follow on YouTube is Tía Adventura. Their fun personalities are sure to keep you entertained while educating on all parts of a van conversion.

Mariajosé & Chase (and their two dogs) started their life on the road in a converted school bus back in 2018. Recently, they made the decision to downsize even more and just finished a Mercedes Sprinter van conversion.

Why We Love Them: Tía Adventura does not sacrifice style with their van build. From colorful pinstripes on the van, to rattan counters, their van is functional and beauiful. One of our favorite parts was their unique approach to the dual sleeping/seating area of the van. While we tend to prefer a permanent bed, we love their murphy bed approach. When the bed is in it’s upright position, the Tía Adventura van has a true living room – complete with a full size tv. Their unique layout and attention to detail is what gave this couple our number one spot.

2. Let’s Be Us

Here we go again! Let’s Be Us recently finished their second conversion by downsizing to an even smaller van. Their van layouts have always been focused on balancing a productive and functional space since both Chris and Sara work from the van.

Their channel features great travel content throughout the year which makes their page a wonderful resource whether you are building a van or simply daydreaming about it.

Why We Love Them: Let’s Be Us gives you a genuine look into the good (and ugly) side of van living. Their realness and honesty through their multiple builds helps give confidence to those who are new to van life.

3. Eamon & Bec

Eamon and Bec have had multiple van-life and off-the-grid living experiences. From traveling in a van around Morocco to converting a van in extreme temperatures, this couple has seen it all. After 3 years of van-life, they are now remodeling a cabin in Canada – another great adventure to follow!

Eamon and Bec also own a chai company called Chaiwala which gives you another unique look at working through van-life. Watching this fun and active couple navigate a constantly changing life of adventure is inspiring.

Why We Love Them: Eamon and Bec have an interesting take on van-life given their international adventures. They give a great inside look into what true van life is about – the good, bad, and ugly (although we’ve never seen this active couple look the latter). Overall, for day to day van-life, we would consider their channel a top pick.

4. The Indie Project

The Indie Project is one of our favorite van channels from a build standpoint. They offer detailed build videos for every part of the project. They actually have our favorite insulation video we’ve found yet.

Theo and Bee traveled through Europe with their cat in a converted Sprinter van. Most recently, they’ve begun building an off-the-grid home in a stone barn.

Why We Love Them: Like many of the favorite van-life YouTubers we shared today, their channel has a strong balance of the van build process plus what van-life actually entails. However, we most commonly watch them for directions on specific parts of the van build due to their detailed and easy to understand instructional videos.

5. Sara & Alex James

Last but certainly not least, Sara and Alex James know what they’re talking about when it comes to van-life. After converting nearly a dozen vans, they now offer various floor plans, resources, and money-making opportunities to new van-lifers.

Along with their two dogs, Sara and Alex have enjoyed full-time van-life for over 3 years. They enjoyed the life change so much that now they spend their time helping others bring van-life dreams to reality.

Why We Love Them: Their resources are truly endless – and that’s just the start. Sara and Alex’s experience with van builds means they take the guess work out. While we love the authentic videos that admit to mistakes and showcase changes they would make in their van, there is something to be said about a true expert in this wild west community.

If you are just starting out looking for van-life inspiration, then check out our blog, 10 Must Follow Van Lifers on Instagram.